Manifesto of Digital Independence // We Are Digital

by Alexander Borodich, Universa Blockchain // 10.01 2020 03:30

We Are Digital. You and us, we are the new digital reality. This is our chance to change history, now that capitalism and the modern society have driven our world into a stalemate.

The old world is broken, let’s admit it:

  • The planet is dying, with deforestation and water pollution killing millions of species of animals and fish in the rivers and oceans, while climate change is threatening humankind with extinction;
  • Global disparity allows the rich to get richer, causing an ever-widening gap between the superrich and the poor. A child in Ghana is paid a dollar for making a garment that is sold to the uber-rich for tens of thousands of dollars;
  • Living in debt has become the norm, with millions of people surviving from paycheck to paycheck, paying off their debts to banks every month. These people have the goods, but are deprived of the freedom of travel and the right to happiness;
  • If a person wants to tell an uncomfortable truth, they end up in jail. And the mega corporations have the power to destroy anyone who messes with their business interests;
  • Tightening national borders and increasing restrictions on payments create barriers for trade. Watching a video from another corner of the planet is not a problem, but sending financial aid or receiving a royalty from an overseas customer is a challenge;
  • Our free medicine and education systems are substandard, but governments chose to spend unimaginable amounts of money on bombs and weapons instead to protect the interests of mega corporations and politicians.

With all the money spent on war, along with the exorbitant profits of banks and international corporations, the humanity could address the issue of world hunger, eradicate poverty and give shelter to everyone in need. Restore forests, clean rivers and the global ocean from trash and pollution, stop animal extinction. But none of this is happening, as long as mega monopolies care about nothing but maximizing their profits. And the governments seem to be with them, not with us. We do not subscribe to this policy!

In the 244 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed our desire for freedom and happiness has not disappeared. Back then, the people were running West to avoid the clutches of the British Empire. This time, there’s nowhere to run. The world has been discovered and divided, and taken out of our control.

But there is still digital world.

We Are Digital. We are different. In the digital world, there are no divisions, no nations, countries, races or religions. In the digital world, everyone is the national of the world, choosing their places to live and their jobs from millions of opportunities anywhere on the planet. We free ourselves from debts by shifting from mortgages and real estate ownership to sharing apartments (co-living), offices (co-working) and cars (car sharing/carpooling).

We ask top gurus for advice using social media, we learn new skills in online schools and get instant feedback from our customers. We can try thousands of new trades or build our expertise in a single field using the entire world’s knowledge to our advantage.

We make friends online and can meet our love on the other end of the world; we keep in touch with our friends by video calling, and we can travel without risk of losing income. We do not feel like strangers in a foreign country, as we can rent an apartment in a couple clicks and learn the language with a smartphone app.

We are ready to help startups grow by contributing our time and money (crowdfunding). We can become micro-shareholders or support the needy just by pushing a button in an online bank. We do all this in the Digital World, using digital services. All our revenue and expenditures — the basis of any economy — are digital. All the processes in our digital reality are democratic, transparent and simple, and they do not depend on our country, nationality or religion.

We know we are all created equal, regardless of our race, religion, color, and we know we can change the world for the better. We are a new digital nation. We do not believe in borders that divide us. Our market is the world. We want to be able to interact with any person from any country. We are conscious about our consumption and are ready to compromise to make it easier for the planet. We want to regain our rights for freedom, equality, justice and dignity.

You and us, we are the world’s new economy.

Our choice is our power.

We can tip the scales by joining our efforts.

We believe in egalitarianism, not hierarchy.

We believe in abundance in the digital world, not in limited supply

We believe in co-participation and co-creation of values, not in forced labor

If you share our values, join the Digital Brotherhood today. We care about your voice and your desire to change the world for the better.

Digital changes the world, and we are Digital — so let’s change the world together!

YES, I AM DIGITAL! Count me in! >> There are 875,000 strong already!

I agree, what shall I do now?

  1. Join us here at
  2. Share this article with all your friends in all social media
  3. Establish a Digital Brotherhood group in your city
  4. Help other Digital Brotherhood members —  use the ecosystem services 
  5. Provide financial assistance, if you are ready —  here are some addresses for your donations: 3DNSMiKFSbCJeJk14wF7VpfQQncWoEFwdE, @borodich at universablockchain(UTN)
  6. If you are ready to participate or invest in the DB services ecosystem  — ping me at [email protected]
  7. If you are ready to join our distributed digital team — ping me at [email protected]

Discover how Universa creates the services for the Digital Brotherhood :

Universa 2.0 for Digital People

Our plans going further are to get back our basic rights:

Digital Right to Labor

In the digital world, we are free to choose any task of interest at any time, that we are ready to take on and get the compensation declared.

Digital Right to Education

In the digital world, we have access to basic digital education that is part of UBI package. Further digital education helps us quickly gain the skills needed to perform specific digital work. In the digital world, the customer can pay for a creator’s training as part of the future remuneration. He or she has his/her problems addressed by helping the creator to acquire a new skill.

Digital Right to Privacy and Protection

Digital Co-development and Prosperity Foundation (DCPF) ensures complete transparency and control over all earnings and expenditures via Universa blockchain. We agree to take on a free order from the pool of humanitarian and universal support tasks every once in a while, or allocate 10% of the earnings from each task to DCPF.

Universa Global’s contribution to the Digital Brotherhood ecosystem

We spent two last years to build an open global digital infrastructure,, which will help remove banks and jurisdictions from the equation, and implement all our digital ideas in the form of DAO and direct interaction between the customer and the contractor.

To achieve this, we will develop and launch automation services for a comfortable life in the digital world, based on this infrastructure. Starting this February.

UniWork — work from anywhere in the world and get remuneration for your work. This service is suitable for designers, programmers, translators, marketing specialists, teachers, lawyers and other digital experts. You can already see the first orders in the service’s MVP.

If you are a team, not an individual specialist, then you can join the global digital agency. We are tasked with fast-tracking digitization of the old world, or a major part of it.

Daocracy — establishing a virtual company based on DAO principles, with the possibility of opening a company and an account in any chosen geographical jurisdiction at any time after starting the cooperation. You can also obtain legal or accounting services here.

The service stores agreements between shareholders, conducts decentralized voting, and helps you keep a digital history of your company and solutions. Eventually it will help receiving and distributing the budget for specific tasks, automating the accounting functions. The MVP is up and running — feel free to test and shape its development.

Smart.Money — a platform for convenient creation of any digital currencies based on the Universal Digital Currency by Universa. This can be anything, from a private currency representing somebody’s working hours or a corporate charging unit (such as frequent flier miles or similar points) to a transnational currency and universal basic income. The platform is up and running. If you know a country, corporation or a bank that needs an ultrafast and secure digital currency — let’s cooperate.

Unichat — a convenient platform for communication, payment, receiving payments, and setting tasks within the community. The first version has been launched, feel free to test it.

These are just a few services for a community that is free from exorbitant charges and from profit maximization goal. These are services in which smart contracts enable sending money in an instant, rewriting digital asset titles, executing and sending documents using Universa Blockchain technology. Create your own services with our distributed ledgers and smart contracts, for your friends in Digital Brotherhood and for the entire world.

Our goal is to give you an ecosystem of services where all the tasks, including earning money, consuming content, games and services, purchasing goods and investing, will be linked with a universal digital bus, accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere on the planet.

Feel free to share our Manifesto of Digital Independence and join the Digital Brotherhood.

Sincerely your Paranoid CEO, Alexander Borodich